The Life Manifesto

Meet Steve & Holly. The Life Manifesto's Creators, Designers & Transformational Coaches.

Hi we’re Steve and Holly, husband and wife for over 10 years, parents to 6 kids and two dogs and together we and our Team guide Business Owners through “The Life Manifesto”, so you can design the FULLFILLING and PURPOSEFUL life that you have always dreamed of.

We started our first bricks and mortar business together, over 8 years ago which was a 24/7 Gym that grew from one to two rather quickly and together they turned over 7 figures. Given that we started the brand from scratch and on credit cards (not recommended from a stress level point of view though!), we understand the trials and tribulations of business ownership really well. We know how having your own business can consume every aspect of your life which kind of sneaks up on you. At the start you have all these hopes and dreams that will come from business ownership like the free time that will come from being your own boss, making good money and spending quality time with your family – then one day you wake up and think, ‘Is this it? Where is the life I thought I was going to have?!!’ – Because now you’re entangled in your business and you have forgotten perhaps how to have that life you first dreamed of.

So we’re wondering if you’re reading this now, are you having a similar experience?

If you are then it’s not all doom and gloom. You see we knew that there had to be more so we got a lot of business coaching trying to find that path and even though it helped our business, there was still something missing personally. That led us to train at ICI (the International Coaching Institute) as coaches to see if we could find what we were after there. At first we became business coaches which, while helping owners like this was very fulfilling, it wasn’t what we were searching for ourselves because now we had multiple businesses and still were not close to our ‘dream life’.

We’re happy to report though that as we trained more and more through the school, we began to connect the dots and from there we created The Life Manifesto which began to accelerate us to where we want to be.

This means that now, while we still work in our business, we also have a life outside of it. It’s a life that is fulfilling and meaningful for us in every area that we want. It’s like being able to breathe again and the best thing is it continues to evolve and get better.

Just imagine having that work/life balance, Wow! The feeling, the life you can have, the exhilaration to be that person you really want to be.

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